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2/3 BR 120 Luxury CONDO Apartments

From $250,000

2/3/4 BD Luxury Residential Homes

From $400,000 (includes land packages)

Anticipated completion of individual homes are subject to individual options chosen by lucky future owners of this elite luxury, eco-friendly, sustainable and intelligent community

ADVENT CITY Tower is situated in Yucatan, Mexico and is just 40-45 km away from Merida & Progresso. Its position means it is surrounded by some of the world's famous Marvels of the ancient Mayan pyramids and temples, where you can bathe in adjoining cenotes and walk-through scenic jungletrailed settings on day shopping trips to Merida, the Yucatan state capital. As the capital of Mexico’s Yucatán state, Mérida is a city forged from Spanish colonial riches with a history deeply rooted in the Mayan people who still inhabit it. It was their ancestors, after all, who built one of the most impressive societies of ancient times, and testimony to their advanced civilization can still be found scattered around the surrounding landscape.

Chichen Itza - Xlapak- Dzibilchaltun - Uxmal – Coba - Ek Balam – Kebah - Lebna


Residence’s owners benefit not only from the numerous community amenities that the tower and surrounding area has to offer, it is also an excellent way to take advantage of potentially attractive rental returns and capital appreciation.

Residents will also benefit from tailored amenities that make life here a true luxury.

  • temperature-controlled luxury pools
  • special poolside counter
  • elite health club
  • restful landscaped gardens
  • anti-aging medical center


    Customer Privacy Notice

    Your privacy is and will always be enormously important to us. Our Privacy Notice is designed to provide transparency into our data practices in a format that is easy to read and navigate. Please read the sections below to understand how we collect, use, share, and safeguard your information in order to offer you the most seamless house/condo unit and energy experience imaginable.

    Privacy From Day One

    Your ADVENT CITY will collect all your data. To protect your privacy from the moment you take delivery, ADVENT does not associate the house/condo unit data generated by your sensors with your identity or account by default. As a result, no one but you would have knowledge of your activities. Your in-house/condo unit experiences are also protected. From features such as voice commands, to surfing the web on your touchscreen, your information is kept private and secure, ensuring the infotainment data collected is not linked to your identity or account. ADVENT house/condo units are equipped with a camera suite designed from the ground up to protect your privacy while providing various advanced features. Even if you choose to opt-in, unless we receive the data as a result of a safety event (a house/condo unit collision or airbag deployment) — camera recordings remain anonymous and are not linked to you or your house/condo unit. Additionally, from Powerwall to Solar Roof, your Energy products are designed to protect your privacy. ADVENT aims to collect a minimum amount of personal data necessary for displaying your in-app energy experience, providing services to you, and for improving your energy products. We are also committed to only share your personal data when needed to operate or service your product, or we will ask for your permission.
    Information We May Collect
    How We May Use Your Information
    Sharing Your Information
    Choice and Transparency
    Privacy Questions

    Information We May Collect

    We may collect three main types of information related to you or your use of our products and services:

    • Information from or about you
    • Information from or about your ADVENT house/condo unit
    • Information from or about your ADVENT energy products

    Depending on the ADVENT products and services you request, own, or use, not all of these types of information may be applicable to you.

    How We May Use Your Information

    We may use the information we collect to:

    • Communicate with you
    • Fulfill our products and services
    • Improve and enhance development of our products and services

    This includes contacting you to advise you of important safety-related information, to notify first responders in the event of an accident involving your house/condo unit, present products and offers tailored to you, or to respond to your inquiries and fulfill your requests for product information, ADVENT Updates, and other events.

    Sharing Your Information

    We may share information with:

    • Our service providers, business partners and affiliates
    • Third parties you authorize
    • Other third parties as required by law

    We limit how, and with who, we share your personal data. Examples of when we may share your information include, payment processing, order fulfillment, product installation, customer service, marketing, financing, service or repair, and other similar services.

    Choice and Transparency

    We enable you to obtain access and control the data that we collect, use, and share. Through device permissions, in-app settings, communication preferences, your ADVENT Account, and in-house/condo unit data sharing controls — you are in the driver’s seat, even when it comes to your data.

    Privacy Questions

    For privacy questions or comments, to opt out from certain services, or to submit a data privacy request, please contact us.
    Updated November 2021